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RCM and Contracting / Credentialing
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RCM and Contracting / Credentialing

What is DocuTAP RCM?

DocuTAP Revenue Cycle Management Services offers contracting and credentialing, coding, and complete billing services to urgent care and on-demand healthcare clinics using DocuTAP to optimize revenue.


What are the biggest benefits of using DocuTAP RCM?

With DocuTAP RCM, you get the benefits of expert process control, scalability, and accountability, all resulting in optimization of your revenue.


How will RCM improve my revenue cycle?

Consistent standard operating procedures and an incentive to be efficient result in fast clean collections.


How much more revenue can an average clinic expect to generate using RCM?

Every clinic is different and faces their own billing challenges. We can perform an RCM health check to find out where there is potential for positive impact. If we don’t believe we can move your clinic forward, we’ll tell you.


How much does RCM cost?

The cost of DocuTAP RCM Services is based on current average reimbursement and the size of your organization, but typically runs between three and eight percent.


Will there be a lull in my A/R during my transition to DocuTAP RCM?

Since most payers allow dual submissions from your old and new clearinghouse, claims will be sent from your old system one day, and from ours the next, typically without missing a beat. Some preparation will be required before we take over managing your revenue cycle, but it generally doesn’t affect claim submission or reimbursement.


If I use your RCM, do I need to keep a biller on my staff?

The number of billers you need to retain typically depends on your size and in-house processes. During a consultation, we can give an accurate recommendation.


Are you a licensed collection agency?

No. We work with an agency of your choice when collection services are needed.


Can I use DocuTAP RCM without using DocuTAP EMR/PM?

No. You must use DocuTAP’s EMR/PM to work with our team.  


What clearinghouse do you use for electronic billing?

We partner with Waystar (formerly ZirMed), a leader in the financial healthcare technology. This system is fully integrated with DocuTAP for seamless workflows.


Do I have to use your Contracting and Credentialing services?

No, however it is recommended. Our team provides our clients direction on payer contract options, market rates, complicated credentialing guidelines, and general industry information.  We have application mapping and other high-efficiency methods in place that allow us to complete the process quickly and thoroughly.

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