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General Questions

What is DocuTAP Consulting?

DocuTAP Consulting offers industry leading consulting services to new and existing on-demand healthcare organizations to assist with start-up, expansion, and operational needs that facilitate a successful business.


Can DocuTAP Consulting help me choose the right location?

Yes. We can provide site analysis and project feasibility studies to help you locate your business in a place with opportunities for growth and success. We can also help with site development and floor plan optimization, so your facility is correctly prepared for patient flow and services.


Can DocuTAP Consulting help me with a business plan for my new clinic?

Yes. We help create and customize bankable business plans and industry normative financials for submission to the lending institution of your choice to help acquire funding for your project.


Can DocuTAP Consulting help me with legal and regulatory matters?

Yes. Our experts can examine financial origination documents and review OSHA and HIPAA compliance to keep you stay compliant.


Can DocuTAP Consulting help me market my business?

Yes. Because we work exclusively in the on-demand healthcare industry, we can help you choose from proven marketing strategies to help you promote your urgent care business.


Startup Consulting

Does DocuTAP Consulting provide all needed services to start my urgent care?

No. In some instances, we will make recommendations to outside vendors that have solid industry-proven reputations/customer service to provide your new start-up with necessary services and products. You are not obligated to work with any of these vendors and DocuTAP Consulting is always happy to coordinate your start-up project with any vendor of your preference.


Can DocuTAP Consulting assist with staffing and recruiting?

Yes. We can provide job descriptions for nearly every role within urgent care. We also have a customizable Employee Handbook and typical HR forms for your business. We can assist with job placement notifications and review of applications. And while we are NOT recruiters, we make recommendations to industry leading vendors and can help clients make the best possible staffing decisions.


Is the Urgent Care industry still a good place to begin a business?

Yes. While many areas of the United States certainly have an abundance of urgent care facilities and services, there are ample opportunities to develop new centers if an operator is willing and flexible. Working with an experienced consultant and investigating the needs of the service area can help determine what opportunities exist and facilitate successful outcomes.


What is the typical cost to start a new urgent care center?

While it varies from region to region, typically a new operator should plan for an initial investment of no less than $900K to $1M. This amount can be more depending on lease or building costs, metropolitan areas, and staffing.


How long does it take to get a new urgent care center open?

Assuming the new center occupies lease space (not new construction), the average time from conception to opening day is approximately nine months. Much of this time is involved with buildout and contracting and credentialing.


Can I own the urgent care even if I’m not a physician?

Yes. While many states have some sort of CPOM (Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine) in place, there are legal ways to set up corporations with non-physician ownership. You should consult an experienced medical legal firm for assistance.


Is DocuTAP Consulting only available for urgent care startups?

No. While traditional urgent care is our mainstay, we frequently assist with the development of specialty practices such as pediatric urgent care, orthopedic urgent care, hybrid (UC/PC models), micro clinics, hospital-owned, women’s health, occupational medicine, and more.


How long do you work with a new startup client?

A typical start-up engagement begins with site analysis and ends three to four months after opening. Our goal is to help prepare for opening and support the clinic through the first days of operation when things are still new and uncertain. As the new operator become more stable, we find their need of our expertise becomes less and less. We stay committed to client success, so no matter when you need advice, we will always answer the phone.


Growth and Strategic Consulting

What services do you offer for existing urgent care clinics?

Our team can help you assess your operational, clinical, and financial position and make recommendations based on your goals. We can also help you identify service lines that might be beneficial to your practice and increase patient satisfaction. Our experience ensures that when you need guidance in specific areas of your business, we can help you remove obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals.

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