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Meet Survey.
Clockwise.MD | Post-Visit Survey

Meet Survey.

Give your</br>patients a voice.

Give your
patients a voice.

(And listen to it.)

With Clockwise.MD Survey, it’s all part of the patient journey. With simple SMS surveys and access to real-time data, you have the tools to increase patient loyalty and retention, and improve your clinic’s online presence. Customers using patient satisfaction surveys from Clockwise.MD have increased online reviews by up to five times.

Survey gives you the tools to increase patient loyalty and retention, and improve your clinic's online presence.
Increase patient retention.

Increase patient retention.

Up to 92 percent of today’s consumers put their trust in online reviews and 72 percent of patients searching for a new doctor use online reviews as their first step. If you’re not monitoring your brand online, how can you know what these reviews have to say about you—or if anyone is mentioning you at all?

Improve your</br> online presence.

Improve your
online presence.

Simple patient satisfaction surveys in Clockwise.MD make it easy to stay on top of your online brand. Here’s how it works: after each visit, patients receive a short text message survey about their experience. Depending on whether a positive or negative response is submitted, patients will either be encouraged to post about their experience online or flagged for immediate follow-up, allowing you to address negative experiences to manage your brand, and your reputation.

Survey gets results.

Survey gets results.

Customers using Clockwise.MD Survey see an average response rate of 35%, with 75% of patients providing feedback within two hours of discharge.

Get instant feedback.

Get instant feedback.

Get instant feedback via short and sweet text message surveys sent automatically to patients after each visit.

  • Create an immediate feedback loop.
  • Identify promoters and detractors.
  • Customize survey content and timing to fit your needs.
Get real-time insights.

Get real-time insights.

Using real-time data into assess patient satisfaction, you can address issues immediately.

  • Analyze scores minutes after discharge.
  • Receive a majority (75 percent) of survey responses within two hours.
  • Hold staff accountable for patient satisfaction scores.
Get a competitive edge.

Get a competitive edge.

Manage your reputation. Encourage positive reviews and take negative feedback offline.

  • Grow online reviews by routing positive feedback to review sites.
  • Track follow-up activities with dissatisfied patients.
  • Mitigate damage caused by negative reviews and low Press Ganey scores.


Because your online reputation matters.