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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Clockwise.MD?

Clockwise.MD is a suite of wait management, online scheduling, patient paging, and survey software that can be customized to improve the patient experience for urgent care clinics, emergency departments, primary and specialty care providers, laboratory clinics, and health systems/hospitals.


How does Clockwise.MD work?

Clockwise provides software that allows patients to schedule convenient appointments online directly on your website through a widget that is added to the code on your site. These patients are placed into a queue with walk-in patients based on time-stamping. Using advanced notification to the clinic combined with time stamping, Clockwise calculates wait time and triggers automatic patient communications—all visible to patients and staff. The solution collects data around wait time, door-to-door time, and throughput to inform your practice. With Survey, short text surveys are automatically sent to patients right after the visit to get timely feedback and mitigate negative experiences.


Is hardware included?

No. Hardware is purchased by the client (clinic), but we can provide hardware recommendations and your Implementation Manager will help with hardware selection.


How do you generate the wait time?

The wait time is calculated using an algorithm that is based on the number of providers, number of exam rooms, and patient throughput. Clockwise is monitoring the “callback” of patients and adjusts slots/wait times as necessary (adjusts in real-time). Clockwise automatically updates/refreshes your wait times in real-time.


How accurate are your wait times?

If the buttons and configurations are correct, Clockwise predicts wait times within a 15 minutes buffer.


Can we customize the text messages?

Yes, those are all customizable.


Does Clockwise.MD integrate with any EMR?

Clockwise is fully integrated with DocuTAP, but we can integrate with most major EMRs. We can support API based integrations with certain EHRs and HL7 for non-API based EHRs. Note: Most of our urgent care customers choose not to integrate because of the cost and it’s not necessary in an on-demand environment.


How do you get the information if it doesn’t talk to my EMR?

All patients are entered into Clockwise. Once the patient checks in, the front desk staff will go into their EMR to complete registration. There is some double entry without an integration, but very minimal.


How do I get the link and wait times on my web page?

We have a widget with prebuilt code you can put into your website and an open API that allows you to integrate Clockwise into your website. Note: You do not have to display wait times on your website. You can show current wait time or show the number of patients currently in line.


Can this show driving directions from where I’m located with my phone?

Yes, we integrate with Google Maps and can provide directions from where you are to the facility you choose.


Can I limit the number of online appointments we offer?

Yes. You can also put buffers in place at certain times so no online reservations can be made during those times (typically during busy times, i.e. morning and night). We also have a setting (configurable) that will reserve one walk-in slot before and after each online slot reserved. This is to make sure you can keep room in the schedule for walk-in patients.


Can patients check in on their cell phones?

No. Currently they must check-in on the kiosk or with Front Desk staff.


Can I turn off the online portion?

Yes, but this is not recommended because sometimes staff forget to turn online scheduling back on. If you are doing this for holidays or inclement weather, we recommend using our “Special Hours” feature.


Is this lobby screen HIPAA compliant?

Yes. It is customizable so you can choose what you want the screen to display (i.e. first initial and first three letters of last name– there are only 3 options: John D., J.D., Doe., J.)


Can we create separate queues for different visit types?

Yes. We can separate out visit types for those visits being seen by separate providers.


Can we block emergent patients from booking online?

Yes. When “reason for visit” field is filled with a condition that indicates high acuity patient, that patient receives a message indicating the clinic does not treat high acuity patients and suggests an emergency department visit or a call to 911.


Can we turn off wait times when the wait hits a certain threshold?

Yes. You can adjust all wait times to a specific length of time instead of the actual number of minutes. You can also choose not to display wait times at all once they hit a certain threshold.


How long does it take to install?

Total implementation is four to six weeks but install can be done in one hour.


What’s typically the biggest issue to installing and adopting this?

Having an added step in your workflow and staff training/utilization.


What support do you offer?

During the implementation process you will be supported by an Implementation Manager and Product Specialist to help you set up Clockwise on your website, hold remote (or in-person) staff trainings, and make sure that Clockwise is configured for your workflow. We also have 24/7 support team based in Atlanta. Note: this does not mean that someone will answer the phone 24/7; there are “off” hours and response times will vary.

How do we market this to patients?

On your website, through signage in the clinic, on the waiting room screen in the lobby.