Phyllis Dobberstein
Compliance and Privacy Officer

Phyllis Dobberstein

If you ask Compliance and Privacy Officer, Phyllis Dobberstein, the best defense is a great offense.

Born and raised in suburban Minneapolis, Phyllis has spent her professional career in the world of billing and compliance—guiding teams around the obstacles and over the hurdles that interfere with full compliance. She began working in healthcare as a biller in a doctor’s office, developing a thorough understanding of compliance. By continuing to expand her knowledge and accumulate certifications, she landed at one of the country’s largest HCIT company, and finally at DocuTAP in 2018.

Phyllis believes that education and communication are key to creating and nurturing a culture of compliance. “Everyone wants to do the right thing. My role is to make sure everyone knows the right thing—both within the company and our clients.”

As the company’s the Compliance and Privacy Officer, Phyllis supports the company’s RCM efforts by providing education, helping to develop best practices and standards policies, and to ensure compliant documentation, not only for DocuTAP, but for all of our customers.

Phyllis lives in St. Louis with her two favorite companions—a pair of pups who keep her on her toes. When she’s not working on corporate safety nets, she loves to disconnect and work on her knitting.


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