Patrice Pash
Director of Consulting Services

Patrice Pash

As the industry leader in urgent care consulting, DocuTAP was the perfect fit for Patrice—joining the team in 2016. She is the Director of Consulting Services and is responsible for the delivery of urgent care consulting to clinic owners, operators, and those seeking to develop new facilities or expand the services they currently offer. It’s safe to say she’s a know-it-all when it comes to starting an urgent care.

Patrice holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Rockford University (Jane Addams’ Alumni) and serves as a member of UCAOA and NSHBC. With 20 years of consulting experience under her belt, Patrice continues to shape the urgent care space with her knowledge and exceptional skill set. Her former roles at Urgent Care Integrated Consultants, NMN Consultants, and Physicians Immediate Care give her an array of experiences in the field. No wonder she’s helped more than 150 clinics successfully start from the ground up.

Patrice’s accomplishments extend well beyond simply starting clinics. She’s also a whiz when it comes to urgent care operations, marketing strategy, clinic workflow, inventory management, and occupational medicine. However, her most notable area of expertise may be snake handling. The Pash family currently houses three snakes, two dogs, and too many fish to count. When she’s not channeling her inner Jack Hanna, Patrice enjoys hiking, vacationing in the Black Hills, and reading on her iPad.


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Shorter wait times.

Because we’re solely focused on urgent care, we eat and breathe efficiency. We think about software solutions the way you think about on-demand care. It should begin with a goal, remove obstacles, and make life better.