Kerri Tietgen
EVP of People and Culture

Kerri Tietgen

Kerri is a pro at developing teams. Since the beginning of her career, she consulted with successful companies to take their businesses up a notch. To improve performance, she ensured the right people were in the right positions with the right tools.

While this was gratifying, there was one thing missing, being part of a team herself. So in 2018, she signed on at DocuTAP as EVP of People and Culture.

According to Kerri, “People want trust and accountability. They want to use their brains and be part of the solution. I want to give DocuTAP’s leaders and team members the tools and the support to do their jobs well.”

Kerri was born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Beresford, South Dakota. She earned her BS in finance and management from the University of Nebraska and her MBA from the University of South Dakota. Kerri worked as a leadership consultant for the last 15 years and brings the experience she gained developing leaders with top tier companies to DocuTAP.

According to Kerri, good leadership not only affects the company in positive ways, but makes work rewarding for everyone on the team. One of her biggest goals is to build trust. “It’s vital that our video matches the audio,” she says. “I help make sure the organization lives up to our promises.”

Kerri lives in Sioux Falls with her “nerdy” and busy family, all of whom love a little healthy competition—from sports to book battles. Cheering at soccer games and other activities with her kids, Cooper and Kennedy, make her happy.


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