Dusty Schroeder
VP of Marketing

Dusty Schroeder

If you need a creative idea, look no further than Dusty Schroeder. With the company since 2007 (that’s like over 50 DocuTAP years!), Dusty is Vice President of Marketing—and the master of brainstorming innovative ways to reach audiences. Rising through the ranks at DocuTAP, Dusty knows all the company departments inside and out and understands the importance of clear, consistent brand management.

Not one for fitting inside a mold, Dusty excels at being unpredictable and always tries to think outside the box. On any given day at DocuTAP, he can be found rocking out creative direction (usually next to a white board)—and being the catalyst of inspiration for advertising campaigns, trade shows, sales collateral, and marketing communications. A compassionate, visionary tech-nerd, Dusty holds a bachelor’s in communication—which is slightly ironic, due to his office reputation for mumbling.

A Midwestern boy, Dusty hails from the Land of Ten Thousands Lakes and now lives in Sioux Falls with his wife Katie and their two children. When not reviewing copy and design at 10 o’clock at night, Dusty can most likely be found in the local movie theater or at a sporting event. He also enjoys reading Dystopian novels, playing basketball, and surfing the latest tech news on his Android phone. True to his techy rep, he’s also quick to point out Android surpasses iOS devices in worldwide smartphone sales. Major nerd alert.


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Shorter wait times.

Because we’re solely focused on urgent care, we eat and breathe efficiency. We think about software solutions the way you think about on-demand care. It should begin with a goal, remove obstacles, and make life better.