David Sommers
Chief Technology Officer

David Sommers

DocuTAP CTO, David Sommers, is a technology veteran and champion of change who began his career in 2000 spearheading sales engineering for an online education company and creating tech solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, but his training began long before he entered the corporate world.

David grew up thinking globally. His father’s military career gave him the opportunity to experience living in multiple countries and move through 14 schools in 12 years. His computer was one of the only things that stayed consistent and reliable. It was his vehicle to stay connected with people he met along the way, which may explain why he is still passionate about technology.

After attending the University of Georgia, he followed his passion for technology to New York. He was the founding VP of Engineering for a tech startup, worked as a freelance consultant, and learned from his experiences in education and HIT, finally landing at Clockwise.MD, as CTO/COO. He became a part of the DocuTAP team with the acquisition of the company.

For David, connection is everything. His top priority as CTO is to see everyone at the company connected through top-tier technology. “You may have a great player on your team,” he said. “but unless you can bring everyone on the team together, you don’t get benefits of their contributions.”

David lives with his wife Stephanie in Atlanta where he enjoys diving into shared experiences, like scuba, with Stephanie and his son, Lucas.


Faster charting.
More revenue.
Shorter wait times.

Because we’re solely focused on urgent care, we eat and breathe efficiency. We think about software solutions the way you think about on-demand care. It should begin with a goal, remove obstacles, and make life better.