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Urgent Care Practice Management

You'll be amazed what you can do when your practice runs like a Swiss watch. 

For clinic managers, we know there's not enough time in the day. Let our Practice Management (PM) software do the heavy lifting for you.

Managing patient visits with DocuTAP’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and PM has never been easier. With our medical management software, you will be able to document and manage demographic, insurance, and registration information with just a few taps. We can even handle your billing to help you boost revenue and improve collection time.

Our EMR and PM software speaks for itself. We have a 98 percent retention rate. We have served more than 1,300 urgent care clinics over the years. And 40 percent of enterprise urgent cares currently use DocuTAP and one of those enterprise groups sees 8,000-plus patients per day. Stability, usability, and convenience is not a promise. It’s a guarantee with our medical management software.


  • Online patient check-in
  • Easy-to-follow scheduling queue
  • Real-time insurance verification with auto-population of co-pay and deductible based on urgent care criteria
  • Easy to read and customizable patient receipts

Our urgent care EMR/PM  keeps you humming.

Because we have a laser focus on urgent care, you will benefit from a solution that leaves no stone unturned. Get an all-in-one integrated, turnkey EMR and PM package you’ll wish you had sooner.

Get started: Discover how DocuTAP can improve your urgent care today.