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When Should I Start an Urgent Care Website and Marketing Plan?


Patrice Pash walks you through when you should start planning your urgent care startup's website and digital marketing plan.


I'm Patrice, and today we're going to talk about when to start your website design, and basically your overall marketing. The first thing to remember is it's never too early to begin this process.

Remember that your website will be a work in process for some time, so getting a start on it early is going to be in your best interest.

Now, you want to remember to generate some interest with things like your website, your Facebook page, and other social media as soon as the clinic is under construction.

You're going to have a lot of people in your community or around your urgent care--they could be driving past this location. They're going to see a lot of activity, construction workers and so forth, going in and out. They're going to be wondering, "Hey, what's going on in there?"

So why not give them the information that they're kind of craving by putting some pictures, some other human interest type of information. As a matter of fact, you could even post some health information on your social media feed-- things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any of those social media sites.

And kind of tell them, hey, look we're coming. Here's our new urgent care. We're going to be here and serving you very soon.

Now, your website on the other hand, that's not quite as interactive. But making sure that you start getting it created and up and running sooner rather than later, that's going to be in your best interest.

Things like Google, it can take Google sometimes up to six months to start recognizing your new web site and getting it up in the rankings of the various search engines. You don't have to have the entire web site built out to the way the finished product is going to be. Start with just some of the basics, OK?

Get some information out there about what your urgent care is going to do, what services it's going to offer. And then continue to add content.

As time goes on, you can add more about your providers, about your staff, about more services that you're going to offer.

And keep that search engine optimization going over time. And then remember, too, be part of the community with both your website and your social media feeds. Do this early, do this often. And before the clinic is even open, you can continue to interact via your social media.

As I mentioned before, posting health interest information, even doing something as simple as congratulating local teams and players.

So remember, when it comes to web site and social media, start soon, post often.

Join us next time when we're going to talk about what other special service providers you may need to engage early on.

We'll see you then.