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What Business Service Providers Should I Consider?


Patrice Pash walks you through what special services providers you may need to engage in the early stages of your urgent care startup.


I'm Patrice. Thank you for joining us. Today we're going to talk about what special service providers you may need to engage early in your urgent care startup process to help you with some various tasks.

One of the first special service providers you may need to talk to is an attorney. An attorney is especially important if you live in what we call a corporate practice of medicine doctrine state, especially if you and your partners are not all physicians.

You may need help with an attorney to set up documents, set up your corporation, your tax ID documents, and send all of those in. So even if you're not going to live in a corporate practice of medicine heavy state or if you're all physicians, you still may need an attorney to look over things like your lease documents, your incorporation status documents, things of that nature.

So hiring an attorney early on can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to contracts and things of that nature.

The second special service person that you may need is an accountant. Now, an accountant is going to assist with financial documents, whether personal or company, related to your funding. As you go to the banks to get your funding for this project, they're going to ask for a lot of personal financial documents and such.

They can advise on your corporate setup as well, especially as it's related to your taxes.

The third group that you might need to, well, you're definitely going to need, is actually a builder or an architect.

Now not just any builder or architect. You need some with specific knowledge of your local code. They're going to help review the site, develop your plans, and create an initial budget.

They're also going to inspect the site prior to your lease signing so they can help avoid any pitfalls when it comes to things like water, sewerage, electrical, inspections, and making sure that site is going to be appropriate for you to develop out this urgent care.

The last special service provider that you may consider is an urgent care consultant. This is going to be somebody familiar with the startup process and who can guide you through every step of the startup helping you avoid pitfalls, unnecessary spending, and any delays that could cost you any time or money during your opening process.

There may be other special service providers that you will need along the way, but these four can be critical during the early stages of your startup project.

Thanks for joining us. And we'll see you next time when we talk about what type of documents bank lending process.

We'll see you then.