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11: Building a Successful Team


Building your staff is important. In this video, Patrice discusses types of staff and who you might need for your new urgent care.

Video Transcript

Patrice Pash:
Hi, everyone. I’m Patrice and today I’d like to help you look out how to plan for how much you will need for your new urgent care and what types of staff that might be. First of all, you have to decide on whether or not, as the owner/operator, if you’re going to be working in the clinic as well. The physician or the practitioners are obviously the most portion of the staffing that you’ll ever have. So, you as an owner/operator can seriously help reduce that particular operating expense if you’re going to pull some or more than enough shifts yourself.

The second thing you want to consider is, will you be able to cross-train staff. In other words, will you be expecting that some of your x-ray staff will also be able to work the front desk as well. Again, the reason for this is our third bullet here, minimal is better. Until your volumes increase and you can afford more staff, trying to have folks be cross-trained not only makes them more productive, but it’s going to keep that operating expense lower.

Finally, and this might be one of the more important tips here, know your state regulations. Do you have to have licensed x-ray techs? Do you have to staff with MDs versus can you staff with mid-levels? These can be very important, not only for reimbursement, but also so that you can out of trouble with the state.

I hope these tips are helpful for you in staffing your new urgent care and we’ll see you next time.