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10: Buying Supplies and Equipment Wisely


Curious how to put together your supply and capital equipment order for your new urgent care? In this video, Patrice explains it all.

Video Transcript

Patrice Pash:
Hi, everyone. I’m Patrice and today I’d like to give you a few tips on how to put together your supply and capital equipment order for your new urgent care. Start with a workable floor plan. Once you know how many exam rooms, procedure rooms and other usable spaces that you’ll have, that will help you decide on what quantities of equipment, how much disposables you’ll need to spread out between those areas and put together a good sense of the volume that you’re going to need.

Now, secondly, working with a knowledgeable supply vendor is essential in getting the supplies that you actually need and not deviating out into that sort of realm of wish and want. Not ordering from a catalog is important as well. So, having a good idea, whether it’s coming from supply vendor or working with a good consultant that can help you narrow that focus down and ordering just what you need to get that urgent care started. And, maybe from your prior experience in the emergency room or primary care, that’s really going to help you reduce costs and not order unnecessary items.

Deciding early if you want to outfit every room can be extremely helpful. There’s a lot of decisions to be made in diagnostic equipment, the styles of exam tables and whether or not you want to purchase from new or refurbished vendors. Finally, having a working budget early, especially as you’re going to funding, can help stay on target, on budget and really help you dial in if you’re starting to place these orders and you see that it’s a lot more than you expected.

I hope that helps you strategize in building out your equipment and supply list. Next time we’ll look at planning for what kind of staff and how much staff that you’ll need to run your clinic smoothly.