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09: Resources for Recruiting Staff

Curious about how to recruit staff members for your startup? In this video, Patrice gives tips for how to find and retain new employees. 

Video Transcript

Patrice Pash:
Hi, everyone. Patrice here again to look at some resources that you can use for staff recruiting. One of the first things that you can do is start building that website. The sooner your website gets out there you can start posting job wanted ads, you can certainly start drawing peoples’ attention to the fact that you have a new urgent care. You might be surprised at how many folks are out there looking around, they see a new urgent care popping up and they might show some interest.

Surprisingly, another great resource is Craig’s List. Now, I know there have been some not so favorable things associated with Craig’s List, but honestly for folks like your receptionist, sometimes for your MAs and what have you, this can be a great way to get out there, a very inexpensive way, to recruit for some of this staff. Don’t discount, however, local newspaper classified. I know in this day and age with social media and the web and what have you, not too many people read the actual newspaper anymore, but they might be reading it online and the classified ads are still a great way to find those folks for your reception, for radiology, for your clinical staff.

For the more technical or skilled provider type jobs, you might consider things like LinkedIn, Monster or Career Building or even, last but not least, the recruiters. That’s not always the most favorable way to go because it’s somewhat cost prohibitive, but it is an option. Now, one other resource that you could consider, especially for some of the skilled positions, say like radiology, nursing, even sometimes for PAs or mid-levels, would be the various training schools. They have job posting boards and usually job placement centers. And, if you can reach out to some of those professionals, you might be surprised at how eager they are to get some of their new grads, they do extern programs and what have you, and they’d be willing to help you.

Hopefully this helps you prepare for some of these issues, help you recruit a little better and find resources and you can open on schedule with a full staff. Next time, I’ll show you how to build a shopping list for your supplies and capital equipment. We’ll see you then.