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08: Problems That May Affect Your Urgent Care Opening Date

We all know that problems may arise that could affect your urgent care opening date. In this video, Patrice outlines a few of those problems and gives tips for best ways to navigate through them.

Video Transcript

Patrice Pash:
Hi, everyone. I’m Patrice and today I’d like to share with you a few problems that could pop up and affect your opening date. The first one is build out. If you’re coordinating with your contractor, you may find that at some point in time the build out is just not going as fast or to the time that you were originally told. These things just happen sometimes and coordinating with that contractor will help you stay on time, hopefully on budget, but do expect some delays and adjust accordingly.

The biggest one is going to be contracting and credentialing. A lot of folks don’t give this its due. Contracting and credentialing, because it takes such a long period of time, can always be delayed for a variety of reasons. Some of them could be related to the information getting in in a timely manner, but most often the delays are on the payors’ side. If those delays go out for a while, you might have to reconsider how soon you want to open because without the contracts in place, we all know revenue is going to be delayed.

Two other things that you have to consider that might have some impact, one a little more than others, is your staffing and hiring availability. Now, typically, hiring for your clinical staff usually isn’t difficult, but if you’re finding difficulty in finding providers that could really impact your opening date, because again it tills back into contracting and credentialing. If you don’t have the providers on staff, then you can’t turn in their credentialing applications in a timely fashion and we’re right back to square one in delays in reimbursement or full contracting.

Last, but not least, seasonal opportunities. Many times, new owners and operators think that they want to open to the season. If it’s flu season, they think I want to hit that, if it’s back to school season. But, I would advise you to seriously consider the impact that that might have on a brand-new staff who’s not used to certain new policies, procedures, new technology. It’s kind of like throwing them to the wolves. So, these four things may all have a serious impact on your opening date. You should keep an eye on them, keep track of them and then adjust accordingly.

Hopefully this helps you prepare for some of these issues and you can open up on schedule. Next time, we’ll look at some resources that you can use for staff recruiting. We’ll see you then.