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04: Location and Funding: What Comes Next?


Your location and funding is in place. Curious what comes next? In this video, Patrice outlines the next steps for your startup. 

Video Transcript

Patrice Pash:
Hi, everyone, I’m Patrice. Today, I have a few tips on what comes next after you have your location and your funding. Well, right off the bat, everyone usually wants to jump into figuring out that floor plan. So, selecting a knowledgeable contractor and architect is probably the first thing on your mind. Finding someone who’s done some urgent before, has urgent care experience, has built them, is probably going to be the first thing that you want to look for. That’s because you’re on a time table usually because the lease is signed and you have maybe 60-90 days tops before you have to start paying on that lease.

Next, and I think probably the most important, is beginning your contracting and credentialing, because, after all, we want to get paid, right? So, contracting and credentialing, with it being the most time-consuming portion of your start-up plan, that has to be started sooner rather than later. I always say, the day after you sign that lease start contracting and credentialing. Now, along those same lines is coordinating with radiology. Deciding on what type of radiology services or suite that you want to have in that new urgent care, that’s going to go hand-in-hand very well with the contractor and the architect and they’re going to want to know that information as well.

Finally, choosing your EMR and RCM provider because just like your contracting and credentialing, all of those pieces are hand-in-hand, right together, to help you be successful as you continue through this project towards opening day.

I hope this information’s been helpful in the process. Next time, I’ll talk to you about what it means to apply for your CLIA Certificate and how important that is. We’ll see you then.