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Is a Lease Needed for Contracting and Credentialing?


Patrice Pash walks you through whether you need a signed lease contract in place before your urgent care startup can begin contracting and credentialing.

Hi, I'm Patrice, and we're going to talk more today about contract and credentialing. More specifically, do you need a lease to begin that process?

A lot of people think that they have to have a signed lease in place or they can't move forward with contract and credentialing. In fact, it would be wise to be sure that the location you've selected isn't going to fall through at the 11th hour. Otherwise you have to understand that all the work that you began with contract and credentialing will have to start all over again.

Remember, contracts are location and tax ID specific. So any changes to either of these particular things will cause a significant delay in the process. However, payers, your contracting credentialing specialist, they don't look or ask for a specific copy of your lease.

So as you're moving forward with this process, do be very sure that the location you've selected is likely to be signed, sealed, and delivered.

However, if something does happen to that location, just know that you will have to go back and appeal to the payers to start this process all over again.

Join us next time when we're going to talk about signage-- what you need, and what's the best type of signage that you should try to achieve?

We'll see you next time.