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How to Negotiate Your Urgent Care’s Signage


Patrice Pash discusses how to negotiate your urgent care signage and why it's the most important marketing investment you'll make for your startup.

Hi, I'm Patrice, and today we're going to be talking about signage.

What type of signage should you negotiate for or try to get? Well, the answer to that is pretty simple.

The best signage is always the largest, most prominent sign that you can get or can afford.

The most common mistake being made during lease negotiation, or even during site selection, is not checking with either the lease holder or the municipal code to see what's allowable.

Oftentimes people go in, they find their location, they never check to see what they can have from a signage perspective. Remember, signage is the best marketing investment you will ever make into your urgent care.

It's the most prominent advertisement that people are going to see as they're driving past your facility.

Now, as you're checking into the municipal code, make sure that there are no restrictions on color, size, and/or LED and flashing lights. Oftentimes in some of these newer areas, the municipality will put a restriction on things like red colors flashing and LED signs, and oftentimes what we're really seeing is restrictions on size, especially coming up off the ground.

They're very limiting as to how tall, or how large,or how prominent the sign may be. So checking into this early can help you avoid mistakes down the road into what you can create for your signs.

So good luck with you on checking out your signage, make sure you negotiate as strongly as you can into your lease, and always go for that big sign whenever possible.

So we'll see you next time when we're going to talk about picking a good name for your facility.

Join us then.