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How to Choose a Name for Your Urgent Care Startup


Patrice Pash walks you through the marketing factors to consider when selecting a name for your urgent care startup.

Hi there. Today we're going to talk about choosing a name for your Urgent Care.

It's never too early to decide on the name and logo. But choosing a name can be one of the most difficult parts of starting your new Urgent Care.

Picking a name that has a local identification or a name that has more of a national feel is sometimes one of the more difficult decisions for you to make.

Do you want to try to pick something that everyone will recognize? Do you want to pick something that has special meaning to you? Do you want it to be catchy? Do you want it to have a name that can be trademarked well?

All of these are decisions that you're going to have to make. One of the first things, however, to start with--once you've picked a name out--is check and see if the website URL is available.

You can do these through things like GoDaddy or Register.com. Pretty easy to do--pick out your name, add urgent care behind it, and type it into those respective sites. It'll come back pretty quick and tell you if the dot-com is available.

You can choose to go with things like the dot-net, or dot-co, and so forth. But those are usually not advisable.

If you have nearby competition--especially in larger markets--other things to consider too is will your name that you've chosen place high enough in a natural Google search? And does that even matter?

If you're in smaller markets, sometimes just having a name that resonates with the locals--that's simple enough just to make you stand out in the crowd.

So deciding early, pick a name that you like. Pick a name that you think that the patients in your area are going to identify with. And don't get too wrapped up in the name at the end of the day.

Remember, it's really about your location and being seen-- good signage.

So best of luck in deciding on that name.

And join us next time when we talk about creating that new eye-catching logo.

We'll see you then.