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01: Finding the Perfect Urgent Care Location


We all know that location is everything. In this video, Patrice offers tips for finding the perfect urgent care location.

Video Transcript

Patrice Pash:
Hi everyone, I’m Patrice and today we’ll have a few tips on finding the perfect location for your new urgent care. So, what makes a good location? Well, first of all you might want to start by looking for great visibility. You have to be seen. If people can’t see you, they won’t know you’re there and they won’t come.

Next, you want to think about the availability of great signage. Signage is important because again, just like visibility, if folks don’t know that your urgent care is there, they won’t know where you’re at, who you are, what services you have for them. As you look for sites, make sure that the availability of signage is going to be in your lease or is part of what the area municipality will let allow you to have.

Third that you need to think about is just the general lack of competition near where your location is, or even the need in the community for another urgent care. If the area that you’re looking at has availability for primary care for same day appointments or there’s two or three other urgent cares, you might think again.

Finally, good co-anchorage. Think like a mom, is what I always say. Mom’s look for the grocery stores and the big retailers like Walmart and Target. So, if you’re located near where those good anchorages are, then you’ll probably be very successful and have that great visibility and signage.

That’s it. I hope this helps you when you’re scouting your next location. Next time, I’ll have a few tips of estimating the cost of opening a new clinic. We’ll see you then.