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Creating a Logo for Your Urgent Care Startup


Patrice Pash walks you through how to create a new logo for your urgent care startup.

Hi. I'm Patrice. And today we're going to talk about creating eye-catching logos for your new urgent care.

Now there's a couple of things to bear in mind.

One of the first and possibly one of the most common mistakes in creating a new logo is the use of a red cross. Red crosses are internationally trademarked symbols. So don't be tempted to put that into your logo.

There are ways that you canchange them just slightly--putting them at angles, twisting them, maybe contorting them in certain ways--but a standard red cross should be avoided at all costs.

Now some things to think about. Does your logo represent your business? Is it a medical-oriented logo? Or are you kind of like going off on a tangent, creating something that's very unique,perhaps something that represents your area.

Maybe it's just something that creatively represents you or the business that you want to convey to your patients. There's nothing wrong with that. Just remember that over time people will come to associate the logo with the urgent care. And will that matter?

Also remember that there are web services out there that farm out logo designs versus you going out and hiring expensive design firms. There are some really creative internet-based services that you can essentially tell them what you have in mind. They'll create a lot of different designs. And you can basically pick and choose and let them keep coming back to create something until you find whatever makes you happy and looks to represent what you want to be the logo for your new urgent care.

So there's a lot of choices. Remember, color plays an important role as it's going to be on everything that represents your business from business cards to your signage to possibly even the colors that go throughout your clinic.

So as you move forward into creating that logo, remember, color is everything. And the symbolism you may or may not want to represent your business, think about that before you get too crazy with putting a lot of things out there on your signs or your business cards and so forth.

Good luck with creating that new logo, and join us next time.

We're going to be talking about your website and other marketing.

We'll see you then.