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Urgent Care Consulting Services

Take your clinic to the next level with the industry leader in urgent care start-up support.

DocuTAP offers consulting services to ensure the development, expansion, and optimization of your urgent care. Whether you're new to the urgent care space or just want a push in the right direction, we serve you so you have the information you need to fulfill your dreams. Take a look and see how DocuTAP bolsters your business with our urgent care consulting.

Urgent Care Start-Up Consulting

Do you have the drive to start an urgent care clinic, but don't know where to begin? That's OK. We've got you covered. We will make sure your urgent care startup finds success from the very beginning.

Our Consulting Services Team Will:

>> Analyze site and project feasibility
>> Examine financial origination documents
>> Aid conception of business plan
>> Coordinate capital equipment and supply needs
>> Assist with site development and floor plan optimization
>> Inspect laboratory needs and proper certifications
>> Review OSHA and HIPAA compliance
>> Study operational policies and procedures
>> Determine staffing models and job descriptions
>> Create a strategic marketing plan with tactics and timeline

Operational Enhancements

Sometimes you need a lift. We get that. Whether you need to enhance, upgrade, or review your operational and financial position, we will make sure your clinic is where it needs to be.

Our Consulting Services Team Will:

>> Optimize and assess patient flow
>> Check patient satisfaction and quality assurance
>> Evaluate front-desk operations
>> Audit back-office operational efficiencies
>> Learn inventory management and implementation of GPO contracts
>> Inquire about prepackaged medication dispensing
>> Identify potential clients and services for occupational medicine

The most experienced consultant in urgent care.

Patrice Pash is DocuTAP's Director of Consulting Services. She is the industry leader in urgent care start-up consulting. She has more than 150 successful clinic startups to her name and 20 years of consulting experience under her belt. Patrice leads the delivery of consulting services and ensures client success and satisfaction at startup.


Get started: Discover how DocuTAP can improve your urgent care today.

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