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Urgent Care Billing Services

A solution so smart, urgent care billing almost takes care of itself.

Actually, with DocuTAP Revenue Cycle Management, billing does take care of itself. Since our EMR and Practice Management software are seamlessly integrated, it makes it incredibly easy for our team to pick up where you left off.

Less hassle. More revenue. 

The more time you spend on urgent care billing, the less time you have to take care of patients and to grow your clinic. Trust your billing to our dedicated RCM team and you’ll boost revenue and cut back on collection time. Because all we do is urgent care, we know you work at breakneck speed. Fortunately, our team is trained to do the same.

You'll think your billing team is down the hall. 

Our EMR software automatically generates procedure codes, office codes, and other costs that are seamlessly integrated with our Practice Management software. When combined with our knowledge of the EMR, you have a powerful billing department at your fingertips with the ability to grow as you do.

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