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Let’s create the perfect solution for you.

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If on-demand care is what you do, we will configure a technology solution to match your practice, interface with your processes, and improve patient satisfaction. Which is why more than 3,000 clinics nationwide trust DocuTAP.

You know healthcare.<br>We know urgent care.

You know healthcare.
We know urgent care.

The success of your new urgent care operation depends on choosing a technology solution that helps you meet your goals and a business partner to stand by you as you get your clinic humming. Finding the right fit is a big deal.

Start with an intuitive EMR built for urgent care and a PM solution to streamline your operations. Choose billing options that meet your needs and get you paid faster, and gauge your clinical, operational, and financial performance with the best analytics tools available in the industry. Put it all together with your expertise, and you have a firm foundation you can build on—and a partner you can trust.

With DocuTAP, what you know meets what you need.

Faster. Smarter. Better.

To be the best, you need a good strategy and a partner that understands it. For urgent care, that means a solutions suite that gives you software and services that get patients in and out fast, help you collect the revenue you earn, and provide a great patient experience every step of the journey.

As your partner, we have your solution—and your back.

  • EMR – Faster and easier electronic medical recording

  • Practice Management – Streamlined registration and effective billing

  • RCM – Improved billing, reimbursement, and collections

  • Clockwise.MD – Shorter wait times and improved patient satisfaction

  • Insight – Powerful reporting for better decision-making

We will configure an on-demand technology solution to make DocuTAP work for you.

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You have questions about capital investments, location, marketing, and more when you’re launching an on-demand healthcare business. Chances are good we’ve heard them before—and we have answers, because we’ve been helping clinics open their doors for almost 20 years. Our consulting team can help you with a strategic plan that covers all the bases for your startup, and help you compete in the urgent care marketplace.

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Get out in front with a team that knows on-demand care.

Elevate on-demand care (for everyone).

It’s your goal. It’s our focus.

You need speed, patient communication tools, and simple technology solutions to compete in the on-demand healthcare space.

At DocuTAP, we’re focused urgent care. Our solutions are built to provide a seamless technology experience that’s easy for healthcare providers, connected to patients, and financially smart—for healthcare at every business stage. And our partners are leading the industry into the future.

Verified LinkedIn Reviewer

This is the best EMR/PM for the industry. DocuTAP understands the overall goal of urgent cares is speed and patient volume, and they designed their interface with that in mind.

Verified LinkedIn Reviewer 4/5 stars

The EMR is very intuitive so new users are able to grasp it quickly.

Michelle Urgent Care Network
Intentional Healthcare Technology

Technology should improve your practice, not get in the way of patient care.

Every technology update, every development project, and every decision we make about our solution is intentional, to improve the on-demand healthcare experience for everyone. If it’s not helping you succeed, it’s not on our roadmap.

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Giant eBook for Urgent Care Startups

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Faster charting.
More revenue.
Shorter wait times.

Because we’re solely focused on urgent care, we eat and breathe efficiency. We think about software solutions the way you think about on-demand care. It should begin with a goal, remove obstacles, and make life better.