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Contracting and Credentialing Services

When you use DocuTAP RCM services, our Contracting and Credentialing Services will negotiate payer contracts and apply for provider in-network status-so your revenue is maximized from the beginning.

Here's what our Contracting and Credentialing team will do for you:

>> Assist in researching applicable plans in your service area
>> Process applications on your behalf
>> Design fee schedules and acceptable contract language
>> Review contracts with you to ensure you're being properly reimbursed
>> Negotiate new contracts and complete provider enrollments as needed

Over a decade of experience at your fingertips.

Tammy Mallow is the Director of Contracting and Credentialing Services at DocuTAP and has over a decade of experience with helping urgent care clinics as an advisor and consultant. From hospital systems to independent start-ups, Tammy supports clinic development with hands-on analysis in workflow, revenue cycles, health plan contracts, and other practice management areas.

10 Steps to Contracting and Credentialing Your Clinic

Step 1: Contact Health Plan
Step 2: Start Application Process
Step 3: Supply Provider and Clinic Info
Step 4: Credentialing Begins
Step 5: Follow Up, Site Visit, etc.
Step 6: Contract/Fee Schedule Received
Step 7: Negotiation
Step 8: Sign Contract
Step 9: Contract Loaded
Step 10: Executed/Effective Date

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