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Video Library

Love watching videos about urgent care?

So do we. DocuTAP goes lots of places and does lots of cool things. Watch one of our videos to learn more about DocuTAP's urgent care EMR and PM software, and urgent care stories from around the country.

  1. Charting in 2 Minutes

    See how you can begin and complete a medical chart in two minutes flat with DocuTAP, the leading EMR/PM solution for urgent care clinics.

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  2. DocuTAP in 54 Seconds

    Watch this short video to learn more about the DocuTAP product and why we love it.

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  3. An Urgent Care Story: Integra Urgent Care

    Family-owned and operated in Texas, Integra Urgent Care provides a variety of urgent care services with quality patient care in mind. Watch how Integra Urgent Care integrates family values into their practice.

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  4. An Urgent Care Story: American Family Care

    AFC switched to DocuTAP in 2012 because of latency and documentation flexibility issues with their previous EMR. Watch American Family Care's story about why they love DocuTAP.

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  5. An Urgent Care Story: Lansing Urgent Care

    In 2004, Dr. Terry and Catherine Matthews decided to open an urgent care clinic in Lansing, Michigan. Hear how DocuTAP played an important part in Lansing Urgent Care’s story.

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  6. An Urgent Care Story: Owl Now Urgent Care

    Owl Now Urgent Care in the Tampa, Florida suburbs tried several multi-specialty EMRs to fit all their needs. Watch Owl Now's story about how they decided to switch to an urgent-care specific EMR and PM.

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  7. An Urgent Care Story: Premier Health Urgent Care

    In 1999, Premier Health Urgent Care partnered with Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center to form one of the first joint ventures between a health system and an urgent care organization.

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  8. An Urgent Care Story: PhysicanOne Urgent Care

    PhysicianOne Urgent Care offers full-service walk-in treatment for a variety of illnesses and injuries at clinics located across Connecticut. PhysicianOne has chosen DocuTAP to streamline workflow.

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  9. An Urgent Care Story: Xpress Wellness Urgent Care

    Xpress Wellness Urgent Care of Oklahoma offers a variety of urgent care services to their communities. They did their research with choosing an EMR software and settled on DocuTAP for several reasons.

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  10. DocuTAP Software Video Demonstration

    Watch a quick review of the best on-demand healthcare software on the market. Learn about DocuTAP's EMR, PM, and billing services.

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  11. Desks of DocuTAP

    We're really excited to give each and every desk their own person and would love to have you join our team. Learn more about us and how to apply here.

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  12. DocuTAP Physician Advisory Council

    DocuTAP has an advantage no other EHR company has. Because some of the most respected physicians in the urgent care industry use DocuTAP, we’ve harnessed their experience to create a PAC.

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