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Urgent Care Webinars

Join free, informative webinars presented by urgent care experts.

Improve your urgent care. DocuTAP offers free online webinars and everyone is welcome to attend. Find support and advice in a variety of urgent care areas—like billing, workflow, best practices, and so much more.

Catch up on past webinars below:

  1. Top 5 Secrets to Urgent Care Startup Success

    Patrice Pash reveals important items to consider when starting an urgent care. Are you an entrepreneur? What is the financial investment? What is the time commitement?

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  2. 7 Critical Steps to Get Your Urgent Care Off the Ground

    Thorough research and planning are crucial when launching a new urgent care clinic. DocuTAP’s Director of Consulting Services and startup expert Patrice Pash will walk you through seven critical steps—from site analysis to business planning—to set your clinic up for success.

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