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Urgent Care Quarterly

In each issue, DocuTAP dives deep into a relevant data set, breaks it down in meaningful ways, and delivers in-depth articles—all based on real, discrete data. Using this data, you can make better choices to improve patient care and be more profitable. Throughout the year, we'll break down data nationally and by new or mature clinics. Then we'll look at visit volumes, reimbursement, door to door times, and other KPIs critical to the success of the industry. 

  1. Volume I: Forecasting Flu Season

    Flu seasons and the resulting patient volume varies from year to year. Our first report dives into discrete, aggregated data from 2013-2017, specifically as it relates to urgent care and flu trends.

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  2. Volume II: Urgent Care Visit Volume Analysis

    In our second issue of Urgent Care Quarterly, we explore urgent care patient visit volume changes over the years, including weekend and holiday hours.

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  3. Volume III: Wait Time Trends and Their Impact on Patient Satisfaction

    In our third issue of Urgent Care Quarterly, we explore average urgent care wait times and how they impact patient satisfaction.

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  4. Volume IV: An Analysis of Reimbursement Changes Over the Years

    In our fourth issue of Urgent Care Quarterly, we explore average urgent care reimbursement trends and the factors that affect reimbursement per visit.

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