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Doctors Express Urgent Care

Doctors Express - Waltham and Burlington, Massachusetts

Builds Franchise Success with Trusted DocuTAP EMR and RCM Team

AFC/Doctors Express Urgent Care
2 clinic locations – in Waltham and Burlington, Massachusetts
(franchise partner of over 145 national locations in 22 states)
Opened first location in 2012

32 staff members including 10 medical providers and 2 managers

Current Patient Volume:
50 per day

Clinic Offerings:
Urgent Care
Family Care
Occupational Medicine
Workers’ Compensation Visits

Uses DocuTAP for:
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Practice Management (PM)
Enterprise Dashboard
Revenue Cycle Management

DocuTAP Customer Since:



AFC/Doctors Express – Waltham is one of over 145 national franchise locations offering urgent care services. As a standing partner with DocuTAP, AFC/Doctors Express has selected to use DocuTAP’s EMR and PM at all its locations. In addition, Waltham uses the DocuTAP RCM team to do their billing.


AFC/Doctors Express – Waltham is situated in a busy New England suburb of the greater Boston, MA area. Waltham provides urgent care services, family care, occupational medicine, and workers’ compensation. The majority of patients live within three miles of clinic locations in the heavily populated Boston suburbs.

Staff estimate demographics served from pediatric [three months to 18 years old] (20% of patients) to adults [18 years old and up] (80% of patients). Waltham serves approximately 50 patients a day at its walk-in clinic location—and is open 12 hours a day. Waltham opened their clinic doors in 2012 and added a second location in Burlington, MA in 2014.



AFC/Doctors Express – Waltham knew their staff would use DocuTAP software upon opening their location. AFC/Doctors Express chose DocuTAP because of its urgent care-specific approach to patient charting and treatment. To help streamline staffing, Waltham took the additional step of using DocuTAP as their billing partner.

“DocuTAP is not a medical records company. It’s not even a software company. I view it as a design and technology company—it’s like the Apple® of EMR companies,”
— Dave Adams, Owner and President

Waltham needed a partner that could grow with them. They found a perfect fit with DocuTAP and have built a lasting relationship after several years using the software and services. Here are results Waltham has seen with DocuTAP.

Ease of Use & Workflow Efficiency

“DocuTAP is not a medical records company. It’s not even a software company. I view it as a design and technology company—it’s like the Apple® of EMR companies,” Dave Adams, owner and president at Waltham, believes. He says the DocuTAP platform allows non-physicians to analyze real-time data quickly and effectively make smart business decisions.

Statistics are quick to find, letting him make marketing, staffing, and service decisions better than with any other systems he’s seen. “I can pull data so quickly from the system that helps me change behavior rapidly. It allows me to be incredibly flexible, in essence turn on a dime. DocuTAP allows an entrepreneur like myself to do the exact opposite of these large, slow moving, bureaucratic health systems do every day, and that is influence the patient experience,” Adams emphasizes.

Provider efficiencies are also notable. “The system drives efficiency. It’s the glue of the EMR, PM — coupled with billing—that holds everything together,” he continues. Adams gives the example of how Waltham cut two minutes off each visit time by using DocuTAP on a tablet, allowing for mobile triage in the exam room—without the patient having to change stations for treatment.

Waltham’s typical door-to-doctor time is 11 minutes—and average door-to-door time is 44 minutes using DocuTAP. While he acknowledges the efficiency of the system is dependent on the acceptance of those who use it, Adams notes over 70% of his doctors complete all their documentation to standards and lock all their charts within the same hour of completing their shift.

Medical Director Dr. Kristina Orio, a former ER doctor with 15+ years of experience, adds, “It’s a quick system to use. The pre-populated templates are very helpful, along with seeing the attributes for the chief complaints in front of you. I think it makes you document better in the sense that you might get the proper code more easily than if you were just dictating. I code better using DocuTAP.”

Software Design & Functionality Favorites

“Most of my docs are emergency medicine docs, and come from huge hospital systems and are used to the giant EMRs of the world.” shares Adams. “For urgent care, they recognize that DocuTAP is a superior system.”

Dr. Orio prefers charting in the exam room. She uses the ebb and flow of talking to the patient and charting on the EMR to give the patient a chance to ask questions. Although not all her colleagues do patient-side charting, she thinks this is the most effective use of the system. “I feel you are definitely able to chart in the room with DocuTAP. And you’re able to do it in a way that is not invasive or interruptive of the physician-patient relationship. Because you’re pointing and clicking, you can still keep eye contact, you can pause and type, and still finish up things like cautions, instructions, and ePrescribing—and that contributes to a much faster workflow,” Dr. Orio explains.

Staff favorites in DocuTAP, according to Dr. Orio, include auto-save of data entry when switching screens in the EMR, procedure templates, the import of exams, and order sets. Adams says the lab interface within DocuTAP that imports lab results directly into the patient chart makes documentation more accurate from a clinical risk perspective.

Staffing Efficiencies & Billing Integration

Adams is pleased with the DocuTAP billing team. The majority of claims in A/R are “solid” at less than 40 days, and Adams says percent of collections has held steady.

Adams appreciates that DocuTAP’s account executive Miranda Oien is always on hand to answer questions. Adams admits that he’s probably asked hundreds of questions over the past couple of years—and Oien’s average response time is minutes. “Even if it’s a technology question, and not a billing question, she can pull the right people. She makes things happen, and that’s been special for us,” Adams praises. He laughingly says if he had his own billing team “it would be between 1 and 40 billers” he’d have to employ. The high end of that estimate might not be that far off, considering Adams’ expansion plans. Biller salary savings alone would be in the hundreds of thousands. Happily with DocuTAP RCM, Adams has a flexible billing team that can expand quickly—without the burden of hiring and training.

Training & Technical Support

Waltham has used DocuTAP’s Learning Management System in conjunction with AFC/DRX training. Waltham was launched easily—and the opening of the Burlington location was seamless because of a shared database. “DocuTAP scales well to growth, and one of the reasons we are growing so easily is because of the scalable features within the system,” he reveals.

The clinic did have several support needs in the beginning. “DocuTAP is a couple thousand miles away, and they supported us in finding solutions to problems. That is what has given me a favorable view of DocuTAP,” adds Adams.

“DocuTAP is a couple thousand miles away, and they supported us in finding solutions to problems. That is what has given me a favorable view of DocuTAP.”
— Dave Adams, Owner and President

Dr. Orio, who joined the practice after the go-live, appreciated the multi-day champion training course provided by DocuTAP—and is the clinic’s super user. “Training was helpful. DocuTAP support has been helpful showing me how to manage the physician side of things,” she shares.

She’s had a great experience with technical support too. “I usually get a response to a question when I call, and when I email, [it’s] within two to three hours for a response. Customer support in general is very good, the EMR is good, and overall as a whole, I’ve had a very good experience with DocuTAP,” Dr. Orio furthers.

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Final Thoughts

Adam concludes, “It’s a marathon relationship, and we’re in it for the long haul. We’ve made significant investments with opening urgent care centers, and we need a partner who’s got us covered from the billing and software fronts—and we have one in DocuTAP.”

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