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DocuTAP Raises Nearly $5,000 for Samaritan’s Feet
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DocuTAP Raises Nearly $5,000 for Samaritan’s Feet

This past week, DocuTAP held a company-wide fundraiser in partnership with Samaritan’s Feet to raise funds for shoes for those in need in South Dakota. DocuTAP is proud to announce that, together with company match for employee contributions, the total amount raised was $4,918.22. Jen Schaefer, Director of Human Resources, said this amount will pay for 322 pairs of shoes which will be distributed locally to the Sioux Falls community.

DocuTAP employees may also choose to use paid volunteer leave to participate in the shoe distribution and feet washing event this October. In observation of the Barefoot Corporate movement, DocuTAP will be letting employees who generously donated to Samaritan’s Feet go barefoot or wear sandals in the DocuTAP office on Friday, August 23.

DocuTAP is excited to give back to the local community—and encourages other businesses or individuals in Sioux Falls to contact Samaritan’s Feet to learn how to donate or volunteer. Samaritan’s Feet has the goal of distributing 2,013 pairs of shoes in South Dakota this year.


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