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Rob Rueckl

Rob Rueckl, CFO

To keep a ship on course, every single person on board must be committed to reaching the destination, says CFO Rob Rueckl.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Rob is an experienced finance and operations navigator with 30 years in the SaaS market. He has held instrumental leadership roles, helping to steer public, private-equity, and multinational companies through acquisitions, transitions, funding, and strategic growth. In his most recent position with education SaaS provider Edmentum, he initially served as CFO, but took the helm as CEO during the last two years of his 12-year tenure.

Rob is excited about the future of healthcare technology. “The intersection of healthcare and technology is a really interesting place,” he said. “Interacting with the healthcare system has always been frustrating for patients. It’s ripe for technology that improves the patient experience and really makes a difference.”

Rob was born in Wisconsin and loves life in the Midwest with his wife. While his dynamic career keeps him in motion, he takes time to slow down on the boat he keeps at the ready on the banks of the St. Croix River.