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Katie Johansen

Just refer to Katie Johansen as DocuTAP's in-house expert. She truly is a jack-of-all-trades. Over the course of the last ten years, Katie's unparalleled expertise—in a wide variety of areas—has been an integral part of getting DocuTAP to where it's at today. DocuTAP is currently taking advantage of Katie’s institutional knowledge by allowing her to focus on the core of the EMR and PM as one of our Strategic Product Directors.

With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Dakota State University, it's no surprise that Katie feels most comfortable when she's fixated on software development, implementation, training, and support. Ahead of her jump to DocuTAP in 2005, she spent time with two reputable companies—American Express and Precision Computer Systems—in the financial world.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys investing in the community. Being involved in the Safe Families program and volunteering at the Sioux Falls Humane Society are two of the many ways she finds joy in giving back. Her other pastimes include playing golf, riding bike, fishing for perch, walking her Australian Shepard Snoopy, and spending time with her beloved husband, stepdaughter, and friends. It's an honor to have Katie be a part of the DocuTAP family.