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Jun Kamata

What does curling have to do with building EMR software? According to Jun Kamata, VP of Product, more than you might think. Jun is an experienced curling skip—which means he’s guiding the strategy, calling the shots, and leading the team as they work together to throw and sweep the curling stone down a sheet of ice to get the most points. When he applies that strategic thinking in his role at DocuTAP, we all win.

Jun grew up in New Jersey, earned an engineering degree at Georgia Tech, and an MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Before joining the DocuTAP team, Jun was Director of Strategy at Nordstrom in Seattle, and most recently, he lived in Portland, Oregon, where he was Director of Corporate Strategy for Nike. Jun believes that success depends on being in service to the consumer.

Whether it’s basketball shoes or an EMR, you have to figure out what the customer needs, sometimes before they do, and provide a solution that’s better than what the competition can offer. Jun’s thrilled to be working for an agile, dynamic company, where he can influence revolutionary change in the product space.

Jun is a sports fan, avid curler, doting dad, and food enthusiast. He and his wife Jane have one daughter, Keiko, and a dog named Crouton.