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Jarrod Heinz

The ketchup to DocuTAP’s hamburger, Jarrod Heinz brings way more than sauciness to his role as DocuTAP’s Chief Financial Officer. In addition to being Eric’s right hand man, Jarrod has provided leadership in areas of the company beyond finance and has helped DocuTAP navigate through explosive growth since joining the company in 2006. Prior to joining DocuTAP he had various roles at a CPA firm and was a controller at a private equity backed transportation company. Jarrod is a CPA (inactive) but often refers to himself as the Chief Bean Counter. 

With a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, Jarrod shares some serious (and we’re guessing not so serious) undergrad history with DocuTAP’s CEO. From Humboldt, IA, he now lives in the great city of Sioux Falls with his wife Sara and four children—including two adopted daughters from China. In his spare time, Jarrod loves golfing, participating in the occasional Tough Mudder, and wrestling with his kids.

Seriously chill for an accountant, Jarrod doesn’t wear ties and describes himself as pretty laid back; his numerous (often infamous) pranks around the office are proof of that. The one thing Jarrod couldn’t live without is a cup of jo every morning. In reality, he keeps the Keurig busy all day long. Another reality? Things at DocuTAP just wouldn’t add up without our highly caffeinated Chief Bean Counter.