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Jared Lisenby

Jared Lisenby, SVP of Sales

An Alabama native and Auburn University alum, Jared began his career at Oracle, where he cut his teeth in IT and became intrigued by the metrics of sales. But it wasn’t long before he learned that his real passion was empowering individuals on his team to be the best they can be.

A healthcare technology veteran, Jared “lived a lot of lives” throughout his sales journey, leading business development and sales teams for companies from startups to enterprise. Jared spent nearly 12 years at Greenway Health, a healthcare tech company based in Georgia, as a regional sales manager, but worked his way to the senior management team through his focus on effective, rapid growth strategies and revenue-producing initiatives. Jared’s experience in healthcare technology and services serves him well in his goal to create exponential sales growth without changing the core of the company.

“It’s exciting to be the coach, see people reach their full potential, and watch the evolution of the team,” says Jared, who came to DocuTAP in 2018. “A strong sales team works for everyone, and when we do our job, it has a huge impact on the company and its growth.” 

Jared is based in Atlanta, where he lives with his wife, three children, and Labrador, Sugar. His family and his work are his priorities, but he enjoys golf and fishing when he can squeeze it in.