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Eric McDonald

Eric McDonald, Founder and CEO

The captain of our ship, Eric McDonald is DocuTAP’s founder, CEO, Board of Director’s member, and visionary leader. Eric started developing the idea of DocuTAP in his basement in 1999, working one-on-one with physician consultants, practically living in a clinic for several years. In 2000, Eric officially started DocuTAP as a company with the help of angel investors. Today, he guides sales and product development, setting the vision for the software design and company direction—when not busy pulling pranks.

With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Mathematics from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, Eric started DocuTAP shortly following college, after anticipating the future need for mobile, hand-held devices in the healthcare industry. Prior to founding DocuTAP, Eric worked as an IT consultant in Phoenix, AZ with the intention of attending seminary on nights and weekends at Phoenix Seminary. Raised near Seattle, WA, Eric grew up in the town of Poulsbo—and returned to grow DocuTAP in Sioux Falls, SD after falling in love with the Midwest vibe during his college years.

Eric and his wife Julie have five children, two which are adopted from China. He volunteers for his church and is a Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce board member. Eric’s favorite pastime is exercising, including running and military-style races such as the Tough Mudder.