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Darin Vander Well

You may think Darin Vander Well is a California beach boy, complete with his tousled locks and Colgate-perfect smile. But instead of catching waves in the sun, Darin spends his days working hard as one of DocuTAP’s Strategic Product Directors. As a Strategic Product Director, Darin sets the vision and direction for DocuTAP products–currently concentrating mostly on patient-focused and on-demand products.

In addition to being a Strategic Product Director, Darin has done it all at DocuTAP. Since 2008 he has served as a Sales Associate, Business Analyst, and Director of Product. Heck, Darin is so well-versed he can even give you a 30-minute speech on Meaningful Use attestation, baseball, AND The White Stripes. Is there no limit to his knowledge? Before DocuTAP, Darin garnered a background in healthcare research and technical writing. Plus, he holds a Bachelor’s in Biology to boot.

Darin lives in Sioux Falls with his wife and is a proud papa of three children. When not planning the next great DocuTAP product, Darin spends his free time reading, visiting his home state of Minnesota, and exercising at the gym. He also loves music and motorcycles, plays bass guitar, and wants to meet Sir Paul McCartney someday. And if he ever does leave DocuTAP, we know he could, at the very least, make it as a shampoo ad model.