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Angi Johnson

As DocuTAP's Director of Corporate Development, Angi Johnson brings an abundance of leadership and proven success to the table. When she's not pouring into her staff or figuring out a way to improve a process, she's balancing training, recruitment, and talent development, among many other duties. As you can see, Angi influences a wide range of areas at DocuTAP.

Before her jump to DocuTAP in 2015, Angi spent four years at Capital One as a Senior Manager and six years at Walgreens as a Store Manager. During her time at Capital One, she learned the philosophy of servant leadership and working for the people that work for you. Clearly, her past ideologies and Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Minnesota-Duluth has helped her make a lasting impact over the years.

Outside the walls of work, she enjoys volunteering her time at Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement as a financial literacy teacher. Angi also cherishes her time with her husband, Eric. They have fun golfing together, spending time in the sun, vacationing to tropical destinations, and hanging out with close friends and family. She also loves to cook and isn't afraid to freestyle in the kitchen. Meaning, that even though she has a huge collection of cookbooks, she never uses a recipe. Actually, there is one recipe she uses—the recipe for success.