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Internship Testimonials

Thoughts from our Previous Interns:


Leah Billion, Marketing Intern

“During my summer at DocuTAP, I felt more like a full-time employee than an intern; I was given meaningful projects and the creative freedom to pursue them as I pleased. I was exposed to every facet of our marketing department, from event planning to content writing. The knowledge I gained, combined with DocuTAP’s unique work culture, made for an invaluable internship experience.”   


Sydney Hickman, Project Management Intern

“Being a summer intern at DocuTAP was an eye-opening endeavor. I learned more about Project Management in a summer than I ever thought I could. With the help and guidance of my mentor as well as fellow interns, I experienced the DocuTAP culture to its fullest and was able to define the direction of my future career goals.”


Jhansi Unnam, Development Intern

“My internship at DocuTAP has been priceless. It’s given me good exposure to the latest software development methodologies, and working in the Production Support was very exciting. This experience has given me all the necessary knowledge for my future career.”



What's it like to work at DocuTAP? Find out. 

There are new challenges and things to learn every day. Challenges create opportunity. Just because we have 250 employees rather than 20 doesn’t mean the opportunity has vanished. Far from it. I have seen many people come to DocuTAP in the past year and transform the way we do things. Read entire article.

- Dusty Schroeder, Director of Marketing at DocuTAP