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Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Curious what it's like to work at DocuTAP? Let our desks give you some insight in the video above. 

  1. Data Architect

    We are seeking a Data Architect to support the IT systems that deliver Saas Solutions in the Urgent Care Healthcare market.

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  2. Medical Coding Specialist

    You have an analytical mind and a talent for processing and retaining information. Not only that, you’ve got the certification to prove it! It's your job to ensure that client coding is accurate and compliant.

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  3. Patient Service Representative

    Your phone and customer relations skills are unmatched. Everyday it’s your goal to improve your knowledge and build relationships with patients and co-workers as you guide them through their issue.

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  4. Software Engineer, Ruby

    You will work in an Agile environment in a team where DevOps is an ingrained philosophy. You will make decisions independently, and as a team, on building flexible APIs and front-end applications that make it easy for patients to seek health care, and for health care providers to positively impact lives of their patients.

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