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Curious what it's like to work at DocuTAP? Let our desks give you some insight in the video above. We are always looking for people who have the “right stuff". If you're a talented and positive critical thinker with an ability to solve problems creatively, send us your resumé at jobs@docutap.com.

  1. DevOps Engineer

    Dev Ops Engineering is the force-multiplier at DocuTAP that empowers our development teams to rapidly develop new features and deliver them into the hands of our customers. We are looking for a Dev Ops Engineer to join the team and to help build and operate our software delivery pipeline.

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  2. Medical Coding Specialist

    You have an analytical mind and a talent for processing and retaining information. Not only that, you’ve got the certification to prove it! It's your job to ensure that client coding is accurate and compliant.

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  3. Software Engineer, Front-End

    In this position, you will work in an Agile environment with UI/UX designers, product owners and backend engineers. You will make decisions independently, and as a team, on building effective front-end that make it easy for patients to seek health care, and for health care providers to positively impact lives of their patients.

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