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Apr 21

A Four-Year Analysis of Flu Season: 2017 Data Wrap Up

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In our first issue of Urgent Care Quarterly we analyzed urgent care data from the previous four flu seasons to provide some insight into trends and look for actionable data. Using current data through March, this post is an update on how the latest flu season shook out.

Mar 28

How to Gain Trust with Urgent Care Certification and Accreditation

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You’ve chosen the perfect location, hired urgent care-focused providers, and started rolling out marketing to appeal to consumers in your area. Your startup checklist is almost complete. But before you see the first patient, do yourself a big favor that will have long-term positive consequences. Here's why you should get certified.

Mar 21

The Right Location Will Put Your Urgent Care Startup on the Map

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People count on convenient, easy-to-access services to simplify their busy lives. They are more likely to frequent a business that is “on the way.” That’s why carefully choosing a location when opening your urgent care may be the most important decision you’ll make. Use these simple tips to help put your urgent care on the map

Mar 14

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Urgent Care?

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Like any other business venture, starting up an urgent care begins with research, followed by careful planning and development, and finally, a leap of faith. You can make that leap feel a little more secure when you make decisions based on good information and have adequate funding to put your plans in motion.

Mar 7

7 Simple Things to Think About Before Opening an Urgent Care

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If you’re thinking about opening an urgent care, you will be entering a fiercely competitive market that lives and dies by patient volume coupled with the delivery of thorough, accessible, and convenient on-demand medical care. How can you possibly compete? The key is simplicity. Check out these seven simple thinks to remember when opening your urgent care.

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