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Aug 30

Are You Waiting for the Eclipse?

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In the urgent care business, waiting for flu season is like waiting for the eclipse. We put so much focus on a single event—let’s say flu season, and low and behold, sometimes it comes and goes with little fanfare leaving urgent cares sitting back thinking that what they were treating with all the fanfare of a “once-in-a-lifetime event” ended up being a colossal bust. Are you waiting on that YEARLY ECLIPSE event for your urgent care?

Aug 29

My DocuTAP Internship Experience with Coding Intern Alexis Sayler

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My interning experience at DocuTAP has not only been useful, but it’s something I’ll always remember. It provided knowledge and experience I could never get in a classroom, and I can never explain in one blog post (like what is an a-ha?) It’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself.

Aug 25

A Day in the Life of Intern Julie Yang

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Hello there! My name is Julie Yang and I spent my summer as a project management intern at DocuTAP. Ever wonder what it’s like to intern at DocuTAP? Here’s a snapshot of a day in the life of a project management intern.

Aug 22

Intern Insights from Intern Jake Rogers

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DocuTAP is an awesome place filled with even more awesome people. Technically, I am the finance intern, but I have not made one dollar calculation in my time here (you won’t catch me complaining). Instead, the majority of my work was helping with different steps of the DocuTAP and Clockwise integration process. Some of it was tricky, but it has been a real blessing and I have learned much more than I expected.

Aug 22

Use Social Media to Connect You to Urgent Care Patients

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The main goal for any business is to build up new clientele and continue relationships with current clients. The use of social media can help urgent care clinics achieve these goals. By being present on social media you are raising awareness of your urgent care facility to potential patients while keeping your current patients up to date. Let’s talk about why you need a social media presence, what you should post, and which platforms you should be using.

Aug 21

Three Questions with Coding Intern Tessa Weeldreyer

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My DocuTAP internship was an eye opener for the real-world experience of coding from a different perspective. I can at least say I have a little experience now compared to when I had none. I have met and worked with some amazing people and the memories made during these ten weeks will be cherished.

Aug 15

RCM Keys to Success at the Front Desk

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The front desk staff is often the first person your patients talk to—which sets the tone for every patient visit. But this position is also critical to your urgent care’s financial success. When filling the seat at your front desk, choose wisely. Be sure the employee has a pleasant demeanor, is attentive to details and a natural multitasker, knows the importance of discretion, and is a team player. Active training and monitoring by management is critical every step of the way. To be sure you’re attending to your revenue cycle management (RCM) in addition to meeting and greeting patients, use our six strategies of front desk RCM success.

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