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Nov 12

Do Most Urgent Care Clinics Open on Christmas Day?

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Do most urgent care clinics open on Christmas Day? Watch this DocuTAP DataBrief to get take a look at the questions you should be asking yourself before setting your holiday hours. Patient expectations drive the urgent care business, and to become the go-to clinic in your community and keep the market share you’ve worked hard to build, every decision you make should start with setting—and meeting—your patients’ expectations. This includes setting your holiday hours. The best decision will vary by market and patient base. Take a look at the question you should think about before you make your choice.

Oct 25

How to Switch to a New EMR with Confidence

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Changing to a new EMR can be a real challenge for urgent care providers. The struggle begins with choosing the right solution and a partner that understands your objectives. We’ve helped lots of on-demand clinics make the switch. And because we know how difficult it can be, we’ve created a vault of resources to help healthcare clinics through the process. Whether you choose us as your partner, or someone else, our processes and Fearless toolkits can help you face your fears about adopting and implementing a new EMR—from discovery to launch.

Oct 9

Delivering Primary Care On Demand

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What if your patients had the opportunity to see you—their familiar family physician on-demand? They would not only receive the benefit of the doctor that watched them grow up and gave them their soccer physical in tenth grade, but they could also be seen at a time that works on their schedule, without disrupting their life. With the right software solutions, you can bridge the gap and compete in the on-demand world.

Sep 19

10 Ways to Improve Staff Transition to a New Urgent Care EMR

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When your current EMR doesn’t align with your urgent care practice or help you meet your goals, implementing a new solution is the best option. Leadership may see the benefits and be all in, but getting the staff to buy in can be more difficult. To make the transition successful, you need the support of your staff. In the best-case scenario, they will not only support, but believe this change is the next best step and that their lives will be better after you go live. Read our 10 best suggestions for how to get your staff to buy-in.

Sep 14

Urgent Care Best Practices for Anti-Kickback Statute Compliance

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The Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS), was first put in place in 1972 to curb abuse and fraud in the Medicare and Medicaid systems stemming from medical professionals offering their services to receive direct or indirect benefits outside the scope of regular fees and reimbursement. The statute has expanded and been amended over time to reflect changes in the industry, but at its core, it is still attempt to reduce fraud. Learn how to stay compliant.

Aug 23

DocuTAP to Host Leaders in On-Demand Healthcare at 2018 User Conference

2018 | Filed in Press Releases

DocuTAP has announced the sixth annual DocuTAP User Conference. The event will take place at Le Meridien Hotel in downtown Denver from October 3-5, 2018. The User Conference brings together DocuTAP clients and subject experts to expand skillsets, share information, and remedy existing challenges so users can leverage the full value of DocuTAP’s industry-leading suite of software and services.

Aug 21

What is marketing attribution and why does it matter for your urgent care?

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Where do your patients come from? Do they hear about you from current patients? Find you during a Google search? Pass your building and its really big sign on the way to the office? Hear about you from a friend? Follow you on Facebook? Talk to you at a community health event? The answer is yes. Urgent care patients have more ways to find you than ever before—through a string of digital and analog touchpoints or interactions. Marketing attribution is the process of identifying touchpoints in the customer journey that have the biggest impact on conversion. When done right, attribution tells you how to best optimize your marketing dollars to have the biggest affect.

Aug 17

North Carolina Urgent Care Reduces Patient Wait Time and Reaps Big Benefits with Clockwise.MD.

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MedAccess Urgent Care, with three locations in North Carolina, wanted a technology partner to help improve patient satisfaction and get more insight into the individual performance of each of their clinics. They decided to give Clockwise.MD a try in two of their locations. After implementing the software, they not only got the results they were looking for, but were also able to reap some benefits they hadn’t anticipated.

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