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Aug 15

Wait Time Trends and Their Impact on Patient Satisfaction

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In a world where consumers are accustomed to services delivered on-demand, healthcare providers are being called to adjust their approach to patient care. With more healthcare alternatives available, patients choose providers based on convenience, quality of care, and meeting personal expectations. There may be no other healthcare segment as deeply affected as the urgent care industry. Urgent care was born, in part, as a response to patients’ growing demand for a convenient, affordable alternative to traditional primary and emergency room care. Using technology and data to keep in-clinic time down and improve patient satisfaction can be the difference in the success of an urgent care clinic.

Jul 28

The Psychology of Waiting and How It Affects Urgent Care Patients

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Magazines scattered throughout a waiting room. An opening band before the main concert event. Televisions at the gate in the airport. While these types of distractions are commonplace, they definitely aren’t random. Instead, they’re an attempt to manage wait time. In the world of healthcare where waiting is generally expected, giving patients more ways to control their wait time can be an effective way to attract new customers—and keep them.

Jul 25

Is Your Urgent Care Clinic Ready for New Medicare Cards and MBI?

2017 | Filed in Posts, News

Due to requirements of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, new Medicare cards will be mailed to the nearly 58 million beneficiaries starting in April of 2018. New cards will not include social security numbers (SSNs) in an effort to protect Medicare recipients against fraud and identity theft. Be sure your urgent care clinic is prepared.

Jul 11

Make Your OccMed Data Work as Hard as You Do.

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Data has become the foundation of making smart sales, marketing, and medical decisions. It’s not only available online, but your EMR/PM software is usually collecting information that can help you identify trends and make informed choices about the healthcare services you offer. You can make your OccMed data work as hard as you to by collecting and using data to inform your everyday decisions and help you reach your long-term goals.

Jul 11

Announcing one, fully integrated solution.

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We’re pleased to announce that DocuTAP and Clockwise.MD are now fully integrated—creating a single solution that doesn’t require management of multiple systems. Over the last three months, our product team has worked tirelessly, and quickly, to bring the DocuTAP EMR/PM and Clockwise patient engagement software together seamlessly. This integration is something we’re proud to bring to the marketplace. And perhaps more importantly, something that goes a long way to improve the urgent care experience for everyone involved.

Jul 6

Write an Essay. Win a Scholarship.

2017 | Filed in Posts

At DocuTAP, we love a good challenge, especially one with a great payoff. Last year we launched the DocuTAP Scholarship Program, awarding five $1,000 scholarships to five creative college students. We got lots of great entries from all over the country—so we’re looking forward to doing it again this year. Five more deserving students. Five more $1,000 scholarships.

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