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Jan 3

Giving the Gift of Hope and Healing

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At DocuTAP, we are inspired to give, especially at Christmas time. And this year, we were inspired to give a little more. Every December, we send a package to our clients, vendors, family, and friends, and this holiday season each package contained a special donation to Mission Haiti.

Jan 2

Urgent Care Trends to Watch in 2017

2017 | Filed in Posts

What are the urgent care trends for 2017? While urgent care continues to mature as an industry within the healthcare umbrella, external factors of litigation, technology, and capitalism force the outpatient delivery method into ever-increasing redefinition.

Dec 19

Flu Season: How to Plan for This Unpredictable Time of Year

2016 | Filed in Posts

Anyone involved in the urgent care industry knows that for most of us, the flu season and the resulting patient volume tend to be the bread and butter that feeds our business for the remainder of the year. While other services like back-to-school physicals, strep throat cases, and seasonal allergies are important, nothing can make or break the success of a clinic quite like the massive influx of patients with fevers, chills, and body aches of a banner flu season.

Dec 7

Solutions for Staffing Your Urgent Care Over the Holidays

2016 | Filed in Posts

The holidays are upon us and your staff is eager to take advantage of their vacation days. As a clinic owner, it may seem difficult to decide who should work your holiday hours (if you will be open Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Day) and who gets them off.

Nov 29

Matthew’s Lesson: The Benefits of Having a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Urgent Care

2016 | Filed in Posts

It’s easy to have 20/20 hindsight or to be an onlooker as history is made and being broadcast on every channel imaginable. Our nation has become a collective media-junkie, tuning into multiple social media platforms at an average rate of two hours per day. We watch in rapt fascination as natural destruction occurs, and we wait to see the aftermath, gobbling up pictures of damage like candy on Halloween.

Nov 21

5 Unique Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Urgent Care

2016 | Filed in Posts

The day after Halloween, we’ve all come to expect it—holiday marketing campaigns everywhere. Businesses of all kinds pour huge budgets into marketing on TV, radio, and print publications with hopes of cashing in on the frenzied Christmas shoppers. For urgent care clinics, the holiday season means it’s time to advertise for cold and flu season. It’s the time of year all those frenzied Christmas shoppers wear themselves ragged, and they (and their families) are more prone to getting sick. Perfect time to get your name out there, right?

Oct 26

Self-Driving Cars and Their Impact on Healthcare

2016 | Filed in Posts

Does the thought of jumping into a car with no driver scare you? Then perhaps you’ve never taken a cab in New York City? Or worse, you’ve never taught a 16-year-old how to drive? What about the idea of receiving medical care without ever seeing a provider? Maybe that’s no more far-fetched than the concept of a self-driving car?

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