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Mar 14

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Urgent Care?

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Like any other business venture, starting up an urgent care begins with research, followed by careful planning and development, and finally, a leap of faith. You can make that leap feel a little more secure when you make decisions based on good information and have adequate funding to put your plans in motion.

Mar 7

7 Simple Things to Think About Before Opening an Urgent Care

2017 | Filed in Posts

If you’re thinking about opening an urgent care, you will be entering a fiercely competitive market that lives and dies by patient volume coupled with the delivery of thorough, accessible, and convenient on-demand medical care. How can you possibly compete? The key is simplicity. Check out these seven simple thinks to remember when opening your urgent care.

Feb 28

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Terminating Staff at Your Urgent Care

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Terminating an employee is never easy, especially when you’ve invested time and money in training, development, and relationship building. Knowing when poor performance and a less-than-positive attitude are beyond repair is essential to keeping your urgent care running smoothly and drama free. Use these five questions to help you decide whether Even with smart hiring practices, good training, and consistent healthy communication, some employees don’t work out. In some cases, a team member’s attitude changes over time due to personal reasons, stress, or in-clinic incidents that perhaps you aren’t aware of, or the staff member is not comfortable sharing.

Feb 21

A Data-Informed Look at Flu Seasons - 2013-2017

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With urgent cares using DocuTAP’s EMR and PM solutions more than any other—combined with our software’s capabilities to look at data in powerful ways, we are able to present discrete, aggregated data specifically as it relates to urgent care. Our goal is to provide, and interpret, discrete data to our customers and the urgent care community to inform their everyday decisions.

Feb 21

To Retain Your Urgent Care Staff, Start With Saying Thank You

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As urgent care owners and managers, it’s easy to focus on the ways your staff falls short – mistakes, tardiness, attitude, and low productivity. If you want to attract, hire, and retain good employees, shift your perspective and start with these nine things you can do to retain good employees.

Feb 7

6 Reasons to Hire an HR Manager for Your Urgent Care Clinic

2017 | Filed in Posts

Many urgent care clinics are reluctant to hire for a position that doesn’t actually generate revenue. But in many cases, slicing and dicing the HR responsibilities costs time and money in the long run. Learn six reason why a qualified HR professional can help an urgent care organization operate more effectively.

Feb 6

The Benefits of Paid Volunteer Time Off

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Now more than ever, companies are embracing authentic corporate responsibility and finding new ways to invest in their employees, their communities, and even beyond borders. Read about the benefits of Volunteer Time Off and the DocuTAP VTO program.

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