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Sep 13

Improving the Work Culture in your Urgent Care

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The Urgent Care setting is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. With convenience as a top priority, clinics aim to treat patients as quickly as possible, while adhering to safety protocols. This dedication to speed and accuracy can potentially create unwanted stress for employees. It is easy for staff to feel like they are constantly on the go, with little time to stop and breathe. To help you combat these feelings of stress in the workplace, we have spoken to various healthcare employees and compiled a list of tips for fostering a healthy urgent care work culture.

Aug 31

Crafting a Better Work Experience

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Here at DocuTAP, we are lovers of accurate and efficient technology. And we know that accurate and efficient technology comes from happy employees. And happy employees come from a healthy work environment. And a healthy work environment is one of DocuTAP’s best qualities. In the words of Eric McDonald, DocuTAP founder and CEO, “It is all about the people.”

Jun 27

Don’t Be the Urgent Care Chicken Little

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As an urgent care consultant who focuses on startups, I am frequently asked the question: “Is the urgent care industry saturated?” More often than not this question is directed toward a specific location, state, or city where a prospective client is considering the development of a new center. Typically, my answer is a resounding no.

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