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Sep 14

It’s Back. Is Your Urgent Care Ready for Flu Season?

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Flu season is the time of year urgent care clinics bank on. As the industry grows up, clinics are getting better at filling in the gaps with other profitable service offerings like occupational medicine and sports physicals/concussion baselines, but the length and severity of flu season has a huge impact on the success of urgent cares.

Sep 12

On-target Medical Coding Keeps Your Urgent Care in the Game

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In the urgent care industry, financial success is closely tied to accurate medical coding and claim processing. Make sure your staff understands the process, and provide continuous training and oversight to make sure the process is seamless and efficient. Know when it makes sense to get help from experts outside the clinic, and always make sure you’re not leaving any revenue on the table with RCM best practices.

Sep 6

Build Traffic with an Online Scheduling Link on Your Google Business Listing

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Like it or not, today’s consumer depends on the web to get information about you. And their first online stop is your Google business listing. Putting the power in your hands, Google now gives you the ability to update your urgent care business listing and control the message—and include a link to online scheduling—for a single or multiple locations.

Sep 1

5 Urgent Care Questions with Startup Expert Patrice Pash

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When it comes to getting expert advice on launching an urgent care, many owners and operators turn to Patrice Pash, Director of Consulting Services at DocuTAP. With more than 20 years of consulting experience under her belt, she’s helped more than 150 clinics get off the ground successfully. The following are her answers to five questions about the relationship between clinics, healthcare technology, and patient engagement.

Aug 31

Interning - A Great Transition from College to Workplace

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The best part about my DocuTAP internship is being a part of the marketing team and having the chance to do more than design. These experiences helped broaden my knowledge and skill set, which will help when finding a full-time job. I’m proud of the work I’ve done at DocuTAP during my internship. Doing what I can to help makes me feel like a valued part of the team.

Aug 30

Are You Waiting for the Eclipse?

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In the urgent care business, waiting for flu season is like waiting for the eclipse. We put so much focus on a single event—let’s say flu season, and low and behold, sometimes it comes and goes with little fanfare leaving urgent cares sitting back thinking that what they were treating with all the fanfare of a “once-in-a-lifetime event” ended up being a colossal bust. Are you waiting on that YEARLY ECLIPSE event for your urgent care?

Aug 29

My DocuTAP Internship Experience with Coding Intern Alexis Sayler

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My interning experience at DocuTAP has not only been useful, but it’s something I’ll always remember. It provided knowledge and experience I could never get in a classroom, and I can never explain in one blog post (like what is an a-ha?) It’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself.

Aug 25

A Day in the Life of Intern Julie Yang

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Hello there! My name is Julie Yang and I spent my summer as a project management intern at DocuTAP. Ever wonder what it’s like to intern at DocuTAP? Here’s a snapshot of a day in the life of a project management intern.

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