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Nov 13

Why Your Urgent Care Should Submit for MIPS Incentives

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As an urgent care owner, you juggle lots of priorities. Some items on your to-do list have a clear operational or financial benefit. thers are simply non-negotiable responsibilities. And finally, there are things on your list that you would like to accomplish, but the benefits are unclear. For many of you, submitting MIPS documentation falls in that last category. MIPS is not nearly as complex as you think, and chances are good you'll earn an incentive when you participate.

Nov 7

5 Urgent Care Key Performance Indicators

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Full and accurate reimbursement from patients and payers is essential to the health of your urgent care. Like a health problem that goes untreated, financial issues when ignored can turn into an emergency. To ensure your reimbursement processes are contributing to your financial success, you need to look at various aspects of your clinic data—not just the overarching numbers. Stay on top of your financial health by paying attention to these five super-important KPIs.

Oct 30

Urgent Care Reimbursement Trends 2013-2016

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Revenue is the lifeblood of your urgent care business and reimbursement per visit is an important indicator of your clinic’s performance. Simply put, reimbursement per visit is one of the easiest things to watch to predict revenue and potential success. Comparing your clinic’s average reimbursement per visit to that of competitors and industry leaders is the first step to creating a strategy for success. The second step is exploring the reasons your numbers are either higher or lower than the industry average, and making any necessary changes. Our goal in this issue is to help you take the first step.

Oct 24

Urgent Care Quarterly Fall 2017 Sneak Peek

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A few trends emerge as we look at individual regions, especially in the Southwest, where average reimbursements have risen from less than $110 per visit in 2013 to just over $125 in 2016. In the Southeast, average reimbursement per visit has fallen from about $130 in 2013 to just over $120 in 2016. Get more insight on this and other data points in the Urgent Care Quarterly – Fall 2017.

Oct 17

Have Tech. Will Travel: 6 Tips for Making the Most of the UCAOA Fall Conference

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If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you understand just how overwhelming it can be. If the UCAOA 2017 Fall Conference is your first big urgent care industry event, buckle up and prepare yourself for a few awesome days of learning, networking, and getting to know all the software and service options available to make your clinic the best it can be. If you’re a veteran or a newbie, these tech-savvy tips will help you get the most out of your conference experience.

Oct 12

Top 8 Ways to Increase Urgent Care Revenue

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Rising rent and energy costs. Hiring new staff. Marketing costs. For urgent care owners and providers, the cost of doing business can really add up. How do you continue to be profitable in a very competitive market? Meeting your financial responsibilities, growth, and positive cash flow begins with a focus on revenue—specifically, increasing it. Read our list of the top eight ways you can increase urgent care revenue, even when business is ebbing instead of flowing.

Sep 26

Finding the Best Leaders for Your Urgent Care Startup Staff

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When opening an urgent care clinic, getting to the starting line is a feat in and of itself. From securing funding to finding the right location, and from starting the contracting and credentialing process to choosing an EMR, you have all the bases covered. Now it’s time to think about your staff. As your business picks up, you have to be fully present to your own limitations—to know when the load you’re carrying is not helping your business, but is a roadblock to growth and success. You need to determine the right time to increase your bench strength.

Sep 20

Your Net Promoter Score: What It Is and Why It’s Important to Your Urgent Care

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As an urgent care provider, your clinic was built as an alternative to emergency rooms and primary care clinics for minor illness and injury. Patients come to you when they have a need for medical care now—and the competition is fierce. One of the biggest secrets to urgent care success is knowing how your clinic and your providers are perceived.Your NPS score is one key to help you make continuous improvements and boost patient satisfaction.

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