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People and Culture

We’re in this together. We’re in this for you.

We’re collaborators. Innovators. Do-gooders. We’ve built a team of people who like to solve problems in game-changing ways for our customers.

While our solutions are all about you, we think it’s important that you know a few things about us. Because what makes us tick also happens to be what makes us different.

We actually do whistle while we work.

We’re a bunch of can-do folks. We show up each day with purpose and leave each night fulfilled. Because attitude is everything, here are the things we choose to “be”:

Be happy.
Rainbows and puppy dogs 24/7 isn’t realistic. What is realistic is having people on board who are excited about what they’re doing. Excitement is contagious. And it leads to big thinking.

Be helpful.
To work here, you can’t be a seat-filler. Everyone is encouraged to think critically and adapt. From good thinking comes good results.

Be focused.
We know urgent care. Since that’s all we do, we’re also experts in what comes next in urgent care. Being focused works in powerful ways.

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