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Patients Trust their Health to Providers using our Integrated, Web-based EMR and PM

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The heart of your service is helping your patients. Give your patients the best with an EMR and PM and billing team that provides the same level of care you do. It's time to make patients even happier.

With DocuTAP, reduce patient wait times by 15 minutes or more, and offer convenient online check-in and payment options. Our urgent care-specific software system is designed to treat, educate, and heal patients—faster.

Brandon Penick, Chief Operating Officer of First Med Urgent Care

Stand Out from the Competition

Beat the urgent care down the street with stellar service and faster door-to-door times. Reduce patient wait times with online check-in, scan in for IDs and insurance cards—and insurance verification for quick, correct co-pays at check out.

Real-time Chart Room

Organize your clinic, and always know every patient's status, with our real-time tracking board.

Customizable Provider Templates

Select pre-made templates based on the most common urgent care situations, quickly customizable to your providers’ needs.

Simplify Procedures

Enjoy easy-to-use procedure templates with automated CPT coding.

Accurate Coding

Receive a suggested E/M code based off documentation, and let doctors focus on what they want—practicing medicine.

Better Workflow Starts Here

Each step matters. Our EMR and PM refine everything down to the second. From online check-in, real-time insurance verification—to a typical chart documentation time of less than two minutes—DocuTAP equals efficiency.

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A secure patient portal lets patients continue the conversation with providers.

Continue the Conversation

Ensure proper follow up. Alert PCPs to patients’ visits to the urgent care, so they stay in the loop on medical history. Offer a secure patient portal so patients get results the second they are back from the lab, and let providers send messages directly to patients.

An Urgent Care Case Study: Owl Now Urgent Care

The front desk staff loves online check-in; they can register a patient in two seconds versus the 75,000 steps they had to do before.

Elizabeth Drissel Physician Assistant at Owl Now Urgent Care

Owl Now tried several EMRs for all its sister clinics, but realized EMR vendors who boasted they were able to serve multiple specialties weren’t really able to. Previous EMRs required an inefficient, impractical combination of paper and digital charting.

Vetting upwards of 20 different EMR options, Owl Now knew the best option for their clinics would be best-of-breed software. Instead of trying to fit urgent care within a generic EMR, staff understood an urgent care-specific EMR would give them a firm foundation for complete workflow and billing efficiency—and less frustration by truly eliminating paper workarounds.

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