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Easy to Learn, Implement, Customize

So easy, anyone can use it.

We’re not out to impress anyone with the complexity of our solution. Quite the contrary, actually. See, in order for you to be more efficient, we had to be more efficient. That’s why our interface is so intuitive; it only takes a few taps to get started.

Hit the ground running.

Let’s talk implementation. Ours is an amazingly smooth process to get you up and running quickly. It starts with detailed project management to keep you in the know. From there we help you select and source the right hardware. Then we test it all. And before you know it, you’re tapping your way to your happy place.

Put your fingerprint on it, this is your solution.

Your solution will be tailored to your clinic. We’ll help you identify and plan for any changes to your current processes. And following a role-specific training course, you’ll feel confident and ready for the first patient to walk through the door.

Discover how DocuTAP can improve your urgent care today.

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